incontrol_officeINCONTROL Simulation Solutions is the leading manufacturer of simulation software with over 25 years of experience. Our product portfolio contains Enterprise Dynamics®, Pedestrian Dynamics® and TOPVenue®. Each product is developed for a specific market and tailored to the users.

Key markets include:

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Airports
  • Harbors
  • Rail & Public Transport
  • Crowd Safety & Infrastructure


Experienced in the United States’ aerospace and defense industries, Louis Schijve (CEO) founded the company in 1989 during the early days of the personal computer revolution.  Seeing an opportunity to propagate the benefits of simulation technology, he invested in designing a business modeling simulation platform. This became Enterprise Dynamics®, the core product of INCONTROL.

INCONTROL finds its niche in academia and specialized industrial markets. For instance, simulation ensures seamless operations in major hub airports where baggage handling bottlenecks can lead to costly flight delays. A major hub such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with 58 million annual passengers relies on INCONTROL’s software to ensure flawless baggage operations. Rail travel is another area where crowd control and logistics needs can be addressed through simulation. INCONTROL’s software helps ensure traffic flows at Amsterdam Central station, an intermodal transport hub in The Netherlands, while major renovation works are underway.

More than 300 universities worldwide use INCONTROL’s education tools. The company provides its simulation software to universities and offers a full after sales support to assist professors with ready-for-use learning modules and practical case studies.

INCONTROL’s offices are located in The Netherlands, Germany, the United States of America, Japan and China. Via these offices and a worldwide partner network INCONTROL provides software, implementation, product training and 24hr support to its products.


Enterprise Dynamics provides applications for manufacturing, harbor and airport operations, rail and public transport and crowd management. For maximum benefits, the simulation platform is best used during the early planning phase. The software takes the guesswork out of analysis with 2D and 3D visualization of a proposed process or product. This eliminates operational failures and translates to optimal cash flows and strong investment returns. With 10 percent of its revenue reinvested into research and development, INCONTROL is able to customize the simulation software according to industry-specific variables and client needs. A tailor-fit platform is crucial for complex operations such as global supply chains that thrive on seamless system integration.

Logistic puzzles are becoming more complex. INCONTROL has to be able to simulate processes wherein multiple factors come into play and may be interdependent. INCONTROL solves these puzzles whether it’s an evacuation of stadium or malls, a routing system for cargo management or running container terminals.

INCONTROL’s clients include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ProRail, Dutch Railways, Fokker Aerostructures, Kuehne + Nagel, Philips, Volvo and UEFA, the controlling body for European football.


Our mission is to make our clients and partners successful in their field of application by offering the most innovative simulation solutions. Clients use our simulation software to simulate large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and football stadiums. Our simulation software enables the user to cope with time, costs, resources, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Solutions are implemented at leading companies worldwide. Our intensive educational efforts have led to a successful use of our simulation software at universities, schools, and institutes all over the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our passion, creating the best simulation solutions for our customers, is driven by innovation. However, that’s not all. We go beyond our passion and it’s our desire to create a better and more sustainable world than the one we left behind when founding INCONTROL, 29 years ago. In accordance with our CO2-Performanceladder certification from SKAO, we use our website and internal e-mailing network to communicate about our CO₂ reduction achievements, participations and reports.
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