INCONTROL Simulation Solutions opens office in Tokyo

14 april 2016

Utrecht/Tokyo – INCONTROL has opened an office at Otemachi, CBD in Tokyo, Japan on the first of April 2015. The crowd management simulation software of INCONTROL will be marketed in Japan. The improvement of security at largely crowded places like train stations, airport terminals, sports facilities and urban infrastructures have a high priority for the Japanese Government. To achieve this, crowd simulation is seen as an indispensable tool.


New office located in Tokyo, Japan

Crowd Management in Japan
In recent years the interest in crowd management simulation technology in Japan has increased. For instance the demand for a clear understanding in evacuations of large crowds has expanded considerably as a result of the tsunami in 2011. Another important subject is public safety around the Olympic Games that will take place in Japan in 2020. Because of these developments the importance of crowd management increases to create a safe and comfortable environment at largely crowded places. Simulation software is a necessary tool in order to realize proper crowd management.

Scientific research
In 2014 28 Japanese universities tested the simulation software of INCONTROL. Evaluation has shown ‘Pedestrian Dynamics®’, the simulation software of INCONTROL, is an interesting product for the Japanese market. However in order to suit the product even better to the Japanese market, INCONTROL examined group behavior of the Japanese population in cooperation with a number of Japanese universities. This behavior is converted to algorithms and built into the software. The specific characteristics enable the software to correctly predict group behavior in various situations. Therefore simulation is a powerful tool usable for crowd management for instance on train stations, airport terminals, sports facilities and urban infrastructures.

“The cooperation with our Japanese partner and Japanese universities ensures that we have taken a solid step in order to bring our innovative Dutch technology to Japan” – Jeroen Steenbakkers, Division Manager Crowd Simulations EMEA. 

INCONTROL manufactures simulation software for crowd management, industry, logistics and transport and provides this software on a world scale.

INCONTROL office Otemachi from Imperial Palace
Otemachi, Tokyo from Imperial Palace